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Staking Smart Contract

Unique Liquidity Locker Smart Contract

Six Working Telegram Bots


Telegram Powered Cashier Bot

The DeGenius Cashier Bot is a shining example of our dedication at DeGenius Casino to offer a safe, easy-to-use, and fast service for handling cryptocurrency transactions. Seamlessly integrated into Telegram, this bot provides a smooth and convenient experience, perfectly fitting into our broader goal of making the DeGenius Casino ecosystem the ultimate destination for everything DEGEN.

  • Generate a new wallet
  • Connect an existing wallet
  • Disconnect your wallet
  • Encrypted data securely partitioned
  • Enhanced usability

Universale Casino Tokens

When you deposit Ethereum for casino tokens, your balance is shared across all instances of our Casino and PvP games

Easy To Use Interface

Follow the prompts and receive a complete breakdown of the transaction before you accept. Unique messages are sent with each transaction on the blockchain, detailing the transaction variables.

Guaranteed Payment

Withdrawals are fast and seamless. As an added bonus, the house covers gas costs on all withdrawals.

Rock, paper, scissors (rps)

Telegram Powered PvP Bot

The Rock-Paper-Scissors Bot on Telegram offers a thrilling twist to the classic game by incorporating Ethereum-based wagering. Players connect their wallets, start games, and select their moves within a user-friendly interface. Real-time Ethereum value updates add an extra layer of excitement to the wagering process. With options to create or join games, settle bets, and replay, the bot also features a leaderboard and achievements, enhancing the competitive and engaging experience. Secure transaction handling ensures a safe gaming environment, making it a modern, interactive way to enjoy this timeless game.

  • Create or join a game
  • Choose
  • Disconnect your wallet
  • Place or confirm a bet
  • Enhanced usability


Track your wins and losses on a leaderboard, adding a competitive edge to the game.


Earn achievements for hitting various milestones, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Modernizing Tradition

The Rock-Paper-Scissors Telegram bot reimagines a classic game through the lens of cryptocurrency

Texas holdem poker

Telegram Powered Poker Bot

The DeGenius Holdem Poker Bot transforms the traditional poker game for the Telegram platform, offering a blend of classic poker excitement with the ease of modern technology. Players can easily start or join games, experiencing the familiar poker stages of pre-flop, flop, turn, and river. The bot deals cards, facilitates betting rounds, and ensures fair turn-based play. Interaction is streamlined through Telegram commands and buttons, with a timer to keep the game flowing smoothly. Players manage virtual funds for betting, with winnings distributed based on poker hand rankings. Daily bonuses and wallet management add to the engaging experience. At the end of each round, the bot declares winners and offers options to restart or conclude the game, making it ideal for those seeking strategic, community-driven online poker gameplay.

  • Visuals of the actual cards
  • Hole cards sent through private chat
  • Real game mechanics
  • Player timers
  • Daily bonuses

Casino Bot

Telegram Powered Casino Bot

It’s like having a mini Las Vegas in your pocket, where you don’t just play; you experience and taste the future.

  • Slots
  • User Friendly UI
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • And More To Come

DeGenius Casino


The tokenomics of the DeGenius smart contract are designed to balance initial stability post-launch, encourage long-term holding, fund continuous development and marketing, and integrate the token’s utility into engaging platform activities. This holistic approach aims to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem around the DeGenius token.

  • Contract ownership renounced
  • Limits removed


Total Supply






Full Stack Developments

Features and benefits

Revenue Sharing

With multiple avenues to stream revenue from, our ‘RSM‘ is designed with the long term holders, stakers and supporters in mind.

Token Gating

With so much already developed, token gating more advanced features of our bots aims to further boast the projects holder base.


Pre and Post launch collaborations will be set in place to ensure the growth of our platform.


Receive real time insight from the team and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Staking Rewards

Rewards are broken down into tiered pools based on users holdings, staked amount/ time staked, and for group owners and referrers.


Connected wallets are encrypted with a unique encryption key, which in turn has its own unique salt. This information is partitioned and are only retrieved /decrypted when signing a txn.